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12.09.2014   The target of Borsan is to become a global actor in cable production
Chairman of the Board to Borsan Group, one of the most important cable producers of Turkey, Mr. Adnan Olmez told that they started to increase their capacity both in their copper and aluminum cable facilities and added: “Our target is to become a global actor owning production facilities in Samsun, Istanbul and Europe”.

Being one of the Top 500 Industrial Companies in Turkey, operating in many different fields, Borsan Group has celebrated its 30th anniversary in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC). During this celebration, in which 380 dealers, distributors and managers from 60 countries of Turkey, Europe, Asia and Africa have attended, Chairman of the Board to Borsan Group Mr. Adnan Olmez declared their target by saying that they want to become a global actor in cable production.

Olmez told that they passed those 30 years by creating important brands. "We have invested in many different fields in last 30 years and achieved tremendous success in all of them. This enabled us to have grabbed a slice of history. Today cable is the 10th largest industry in the world among thousands of all others such as weapon, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. It is not that large in terms of profitability but in terms of magnitude and importance, it is the 10th biggest. Turkey is an important cable production center in the world. Together with the investments carried out during the last few years, Turkey is now one of the most important cable centers in the world. We in our Group also covered an important distance in this field. Our investments continue. This year, we have incorporated Yılka Cable within our group. We are undertaking a capacity improvement. We hopefully will increase its capacity by 45%. We bring new Technologies to Yılka. We also expect a capacity increase by almost 30% in Borsan Cable at the end of the 6th month. We will mainly invest in the field of cable during 2014-2015. We are currently conducting a work in Italy in regard to the production of low voltage cables. Our target is to become a global actor who has production centers in Samsun, Istanbul and Europe. We are moving a head towards this target.”

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