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06.09.2014   Yılka cable in Borsan group
Borsan Group has taken over 90 percent of Yılka Cable’s share which is the second biggest aluminium cable manufacturer of Turkey. Adnan Ölmez, Chairmen of Borsan Group said that Borsan Cable and Yılka Cable aim to reach 365 million liras of sales this year.

The studies conducted after the initial protocol made between Chairmen of Borsan Group’s Adnan Ölmez and President of Yılmazlar Group’s Sami Yılmaz in September 2013 have been completed. Yılka Cable which operates in a 15 thousand square meters of covered area with an annual aluminuim melting capacity 2 thousand tons with 150 employer shave been integrated Borsan Group.

Adana Ölmez, Chairmen of Borsan Group said that Borsan Cable had aimed to invest in aluminium cable production and been making feasibility studies on it for a long time. He continued ‘’the search for land in Samsun took the longest time. This was because we wanted to establish the factory in Samsun like our other factories. Unfortunately we couldn’t find land. However, the selling of Yılka Cable which is the second largest aluminium cable manufacturing factory of Turkey came and it was a great opportunity for us. Having been a significant actor in the sector of 34 years, Yılka Cable’s image, current technology and production capacity and its proximity to the Gebze port in terms of exports, we really remarkable change for us.

Adnan Ölmez said that ‘’Borsan Cable and Yılka Cable are also joined sales organizations. Both companies appeal to the same clients. This is advantage for us. It also means 50% saving sales and marketing costs. So we have decided to increase Yılka Cable2s capacity by 45% with the existing customer of Borsan Cable. 58 %of the sales will be in exports and 48% will be in the Turkish market. We have determined this years sales goal both Borsan and Yılka Cable as 365 million liras.’’
Chairmen of Borsan Group’s Adnan Ölmez has stated that they have seen from the sales of January that they will not face negative effects of the recession in the economy and he added the significance of having a larger share of exports in these times has become clear on more time.

President of Yılmazlar Group’s Sami Yılmaz emphasized that Yılka Cable has been operational in the sector of 34 years and that they export 50% of their production. He said that ‘’with our recent investments, we started aluminium radiator production. In this sense the aluminium radiators and accessories that we marketed with Radial brand have received considerable interest. With this starting point, we have focused our energy on aluminium panel production. And we transferred 90% of Yılka Cable to Borsan Group as a result of the preliminary protocol we made with Adnan Ölmez in 2013. Yılka Cable is our firstborn. Borsan Group will therefore carry on this factory which we have raised so far, to even farther. I am relieved that we have delivered our factory for right people and it will be right hands. I wish God make this new structure beneficial for both sides and great gains.

Yılka cable in Borsan group
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